Featured Adopting Family: The Allison Family Fundraiser

My friends, the Allison family, are adopting two cute little boys from an eastern European country that have a craniofacial disorder. Jamie has a facebook page, My Little Sunshine Montessori Boutique, where she hand makes and sells Montessori style educational toys. The profits serve to fundraise for the adoption costs. She literally spends countless hours into the night staining little peg people and rainbow puzzles and cups and spoons. The toys are impressive and perfect for hands on learners.

Currently Jamie is working on felt paperless doll sets, listed at $25/set shipped. There is a Ballerina Friends set with 4 (6 inch) dolls and 40 “pieces” (20 dresses and 20 hair pieces).  And there is a Kids Around The World set with 8 (4 inch) dolls and 12 complete outfits from around the world!


Ballerina Friends Set



Kids Around The World Set


1/13/2015 UPDATE: Jamie has added two new unpaper felt sets to her fundraiser: Noah’s Ark and Creation.



To order sets of your own, contact Jamie at lovingmybabiesx3@gmail.com for ordering instructions.

Want to see the cute boys this helps get home to their family?

Evan-and-Raymond_Sept2014-204x300Another way to help is to just donate to the adoption.


LoveLeavingLegacy: A Second Time Around

Introducing: Me

(This post was originally posted on the first LoveLeavingLegacy blog site. This has been slightly edited to reflect changes in the Legacy)

Who Am I?

I am unashamedly Christian, and a Bible believing Jesus follower. I am a sinner, but learning to be more Christ like. I am a Proverbs 31 Wanna Be (an explanation for another post). I am a work in progress in these areas.

I am Deb, author at LoveLeavingLegacy.

What Am I?

I am wife to Dr. P.

Wife to Dr. P

Wife to Dr. P


I am Mama to three boys, a great group of young men.

Boys Easter 2014 silly blog

Easter, 2014







Equine J

Equine J


Musician M

Musician M


Artist A

Artist A, known as Thing-A on the original blog










I am also Mama to three young beauties.

Mama and her three girls

Mama and her three girls


Lady L

Lady L









I am a daughter/in-law, a sister/in-law, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. I am also a home educator, a former oncology and hospice nurse, a college grad, a hobby crafter, a vision therapy parent advocate, a home educator advocate, and most recently, an advocate and fundraiser for the adoptions of international orphans with special needs. I am formerly a board member to several Christian organizations. I am a philanthropic entrepreneur, operating two small businesses…the LoveLeavingLegacy handmade store (currently on Etsy but transitioning here to this website) and LillaRose/LoveLeavingLegacy Independent Consultant.

Those are all titles I hold or things that I do. My identity isn’t wrapped up in my titles, what I do, or what I’ve done to serve. My identity is who I am in Christ. What I do is a reflection of my obedience and relationship with God and who He desires me to become and be. I desire to be obedient to His leading.

I am a redeemed Daughter of the King because of Christ’s death on the cross, which saved me from sin and gives me the free gift of eternal life in heaven. Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

Next time, I will give some insights into the paths in which He leads me as a Proverbs 31 Wanna Be, and coming soon will be what I’m intending to do in Blog Land. I give God all glory, honor and praise. May this blog be a “sweet, sweet sound to His ear.”

Until next time, be Blessed!