Featured Adoption Family (ies) Fundraisers: Orphan’s Treasures Auction and More

Orphans Treasures Auction

It contains a handmade by LoveLeavingLegacy thread crochet scarf, an extra small Lovely Circle Stoneset Lilla Rose flexi as a scarf clip (more info included), and Bath and Body Works body wash, lotion, spray, and candle. The scarf is lime green lace thread,100% cotton, and measures ~3.5×50 inches.
Retail value for the gift box/basket is $50.
The set currently has a bid for $25.
Please head over to the auction, follow bidding instructions, and help three children get to their forever families.
There are about 375 items, besides this one, on which to bid.
You’ll find household items, homeschool books, clothing, art work, and a really cool cuckoo clock.
There is also a Giveaway associated with this auction. Donate to one or all of the families to be entered. Follow the directions on the Orphan’s Treasures Auction blog.
Here is who this benefits:
Harper for the Nalle Family






In addition, there is a Lilla Rose fundraiser for the Nalle family.
Lilla Rose--Jewelry for Your Hair

Lilla Rose–Jewelry for Your Hair and More!


Harper's Flair for Hair Adoption Fundraiser http://www.lillarose.biz/parties/8523

Harper’s Flair for Hair Adoption Fundraiser

Shop through this link for your purchase to be applied to the fundraiser.

These fundraisers end by 2/14/15.

Finally, Hidden Treasures Creations is having a goat milk soap fundraiser. 35% of their profits are being given to the Nalle family. Soap bars are $3-$5 each, depending on size. There are several different scents, and you could also custom order what scent YOU want. Lavender, vanilla, cedarwood, holiday, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and rose are some of the available choices. Email Haylee and Naomi at Hidden Treasures Creations for more information.
Blessings on your week.

*FLASH* Don’t Let This Pass You By

10930996_810001042371385_4366776475174116072_nMy friends know this, but perhaps my readers do not.

I am an Independent consultant for Lilla Rose, a direct sales company specializing in hair accessories.

What started as a way to help me teach my girls modesty and to manage hair morphed.

Within 24 hours of signing up, sight unseen as far as the flexi clips go, and only for the consultant discount, I was thinking that doing this would be a great way to help adopting families using Reece’s Rainbow to raise adoption grants. I thought I could do fundraisers by donating commission and goods to auctions.

Twenty four hours after that, I was signing up to do craft and vendor shows just to earn enough money to help us get a dining room table big enough to seat our whole family. We don’t currently have one.

Before I knew it, Lady L and I were conspiring educating ourselves on how to grow a small business and in entrepreneurship with a philanthropic bent.

So here we are, eighteen months into this adventure, a minimum of two events each month, except in November when we had fifteen events.

We have goals and plans.

Our first goal is to order an Amish made dining room table by fall, 2015.

A portion of all our profits and commissions are being donated to non profit groups like Reece’s Rainbow, the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, Monadnock Bible Conference’s Love in Motion, and Alternatives of Kalamazoo.

Anyway, there is a 25% off FLASH sale at Lilla Rose today. It ends at 11 p EST/8p PST.

What is a flexi clip anyway?


Do you need to know how to size your flexi?


What would look best in my hair?


Will it really work for me?

It doesn’t matter if you have thin hair problems.

It doesn’t matter if you have thick hair problems.

It doesn’t matter if you have frizzy or slippery hair problems.

There is something for everyone.


Even if you have no hair…



Even your pooch?

Even your pooch?

These are awesome products that will help simplify your “hair-ried” schedule and save you time!

You’ll find styling videos here.

If you don’t already have a Lilla Rose consultant, please go explore my website and let me know how I can help you!


Here is what is being newly released!



Featured Adopting Family: The Quinn Family Fundraisers

The adorable Quinn family threesome has been painting cute and creative works of art to bring home their siblings, Willow and Ernie. Their Mama has spent hours in line at the post office getting these auctioned items to their winners.

Their latest auction is the Disney inspired, Disney FUN! Auction, found here.

“This Auction benefits The Quinn Family Adoption of Willow and Ernie. Auction begins Wednesday January 21, 2014 and ENDS 9pm Eastern January 25. The last bid on or before 9:00 pm on 1//25 according to Facebook time. Is the WINNER! Starting Bid on ALL of these paintings is $40 + $10 Shipping (shipping will remain $10) buy it now option has been eliminated to avoid disputes. Custom pieces are always an option but no duplicates.”

Here are a few samples of what you will be bidding on.




Then this morning, Mama Quinn posted this great idea:

“Would you like to get your little artist painting?  These canvases are 11x14inches. (smaller than the 16×20 you see for Auction) you choose the character! We will paint the character onto the canvas for you!!! Your child will do the rest! These Canvases are $25 + $5 shipping!” Go here to learn more.








What a great birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Easter gift idea for a child or grandchild!


As always, if you don’t need paintings or gift giving ideas but want to help, just head on over to the Quinn’s non profit family sponsorship page on Reece’s Rainbow and donate to help bring these two sweeties home to their brothers and hardworking Mama and Daddy. Here are Willow and Ernie.