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St. Patrick’s Day Green

I’m not Irish, and I am not Catholic. Over the years I’ve not quite understood St. Patrick’s Day, the green significance, clovers, luck, and leprechauns. Today, I did a quick little research.

  • St. Patrick was a missionary and patron saint of Ireland.

  • He used Irish symbols and rituals to teach Christianity to the Irish, especially Celtic symbols. He is said to have created the Celtic cross.

  • Today, in the United States, St. Patrick’s day celebrations have to do with Irish American strength and commitment to their heritage, especially as ancestors immigrated to the United States.

  • St. Patrick used the clover to teach the concept of the Trinity.

  • Rainbows, pots of gold, and leprechauns were part of Irish mythology fables and stories.

  • Green, the color on the Irish flag, has been the traditional color of Irish nationalism since the 17th century.

  • Emerald Isle is a name used when referring to Ireland because of its lush greenery and countryside.

  • Green is often the color that symbolizes new life, birth, money, wealth, and health.


How are you going to coordinate your St. Patrick’s Day wardrobe and your hair accessories!?

Lilla Rose has quite a few Celtic styles in leather, braided leather, leather like Celtic knot or Celtic heart, Celtic knots in several metal finish choices and one with wood beads, a Celtic cross, and Trinitee. There are green options like Emerald Joy in a flexi clip, upins, bobby pins, hair sticks, and a hair band.

The new Flexi of the Month shown in the video, Cliono, will be released on March 1, 2018.

Come check out my website to see all the choices, as there are more from the sampling below, available beginning March 1, 2018, and some in Limited availability. Come join my Facebook page or customer group for more sneak peak previews, the latest on the customer specials, or upcoming sales!

Need some extra green? 

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Later this week, after working with me at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo here in Kalamazoo, my two youngest daughters have the privilege of attending a Daddy-Daughter Dance with their Daddy.

The girls plan to wear the dresses they wore to their brother’s wedding last July with their silver sparkly shoes, and sparkly jewelry.

Today my oldest daughter, who is 16 years old and loves to experiment with hairstyles, tried a new one on her middle sister who has thick, waist length hair. We’re calling it a Dutch Braid Crown Bun. It is secured with Lilla Rose “naked” bobby pins (they are call Lux on the website.) On Saturday, the girls intend to use decorated bobby pins to decorate the bun, and show off the weave in the center of the bun where it is woven.

Lady L will actually be demonstrating how she did this at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo on Saturday around 3 pm. Depending on how busy we are, maybe we will make a video of her doing it.

Sssh. Don’t tell her. She hates being Live on video.

Which bobby pins on the Lilla Rose website do you think Missy E should place in her hair?

Have a great week!

Until then,


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Promoting Healthy Hair & Scalp: Ringworm Prevention Tips

As a parent, don’t you just hate it when you think you’re doing a good thing to keep your kids healthy only to find out that what you’ve been doing actually creates a different health issue for them?

Cue the Mom guilt, right?

Parents may have “health reasons” beyond basic hygiene for having children shower nightly, and to wash their hair. Besides teaching good hygiene, Moms are attempting to prevent a health issue, especially if a family has animals and the children are the caretakers of the animals.  Most don’t realize that going to bed with wet hair is a bad thing. Most Moms might be thinking that it’s a good thing, obviously!

First, if hair is long, or very thick, parents figure this is a time saver for everyone. Nobody spent a long time at the end of the day blow drying hair with kids complaining about the snarls.

Logically, the hair would have had time to dry naturally, while the child is sleeping, and this is a Mom’s dream: multi tasking!

Natural is a GOOD thing.

Second, Moms everywhere are assuming that by not blow drying, there is reduced damage to hair follicles and of hair strands drying out. Frequent blow drying can make hair become dry and brittle, or not allowing those NATURAL hair oils to penetrate the shaft.

Girls who use a scrunchie to hold up their hair in pony tails, buns, or braids to reduce tangles don’t hurt the scalp while their heads are on the pillow. It’s a soft product, after all!

Thank you Pixabay for a scrunchie photo!

Thank you Pixabay for a Scrunchie photo!

And, speaking of that pillow, it probably has a breathable cotton pillow case on it, and they are probably having their sheets and pillowcases changed at least weekly, because Moms are imparting that good basic hygiene to their children!

Prevention is GOOD and NATURAL, and, all of this is just hygiene management, right?


Not always.

When we know better, we do better.   

I’ve had several customers tell me that they know of people with long thick hair who go to bed with wet hair. They described that the person had “mold” grow in their hair. I’ve wondered, as a “retired” nurse, turned Mom who homeschools and believes in life long learning, turned hair care management direct seller, what that is all about!

Going to bed with wet hair sets up conditions for a warm, moist environment for a fungal infection, especially since it takes so long for hair to dry. That scrunchie they’ve been wearing harbors that fungal infection, and allows the infection to spread if it’s not washed in a hot wash/dry every few days. It also holds in the dampness and prevents air flow to the scalp. Cotton pillowcases cause that drying hair to stay on a damp warm surface, thereby promoting more fungus growth.

Once a fungal infection (dermatophytes) sets up on the scalp, often called ringworm (tinea capitis), there is a red scaly rash with irregular borders on the scalp. “The fungi attack the outer layer of skin on the scalp and the hair shaft.” The infection literally cuts the hair at the follicle shaft, so hair loss is occurring. There may be itching and burning. There are photos and more information of what the condition looks like at the Mayo Clinic website.

It is contagious in that the fungus is on anything the scalp touches. This includes hair styling tools (comb/brush), elastics and barrettes and scrunchies. It includes pillow cases, coat hoods, and hats. A child who shares any of those items can also spread the infection to another child, or even to a beloved pet, as carriers of the infection. A family might also find that the infection carrier is actually that pet who could be asymptomatic!

The treatment and cure can take weeks to months, depending on the treatment route you and your doctor decide to take. There is no one size fits all approach. Sometimes schools will prevent a child with the infection to return to school until they’ve been on an oral antifungal for a week or ten days. As always, medication does not come without risks, and there can be difficult side effects. It also means blood test monitoring for liver function.

You and your doctor may opt for a more conservative approach to treatment with a prescription shampoo or a cream, or any combination of medication, shampoo, and cream. If a parent opts to try essential oils or an herbal approach to cure, they should ask their doctor or pharmacist for any drug interactions of the oil, supplement, or herb to any prescription medication, and be careful to research its proven efficacy. Ringworm *is* hard to treat, and daily consistent treatment is somewhat laborious.

Daiy hair washing with a prescription 2% ketoconazole antifungal shampoo, and blow drying hair and the scalp will likely be part of the treatment  There ought to be daily pillow case changes and daily cleansing of hairbrushes and combs with barbicide cleaner from the beauty supply store.  During winter, one would also need to wash and dry snow hats. Silk pillowcases keep hair friction and stress to a minimum, as well as keeps the scalp cooler. Obviously, cleaning any hair ties or barrettes or flexi clips a child has been wearing is in order to prevent a re-infection. Anything that can be hot washed and hot dried during an infection is best. Keep hair loosely braided to allow air flow to the area. To treat a potential carrier in the home, all family members may also consider using a Nizoral shampoo at least weekly. This is all important in order to avoid reinfection.

As I said earlier, when we know better, we do better!

Now you (and I) know. 

Let’s do better hair care together!

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Don’t just take my word for it. To read more on this subject:

  1. Cincinnati Children’s
  2. Healthline
  3. CDC: Ringworm prevention 

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LoveLeavingLegacy With Lilla Rose and Small Business Saturday 2017

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

I’ve said this before here on this blog, but I just posted on Sassy Direct: “LoveLeavingLegacy with Lilla Rose is a small family business. At vendor events and Style Boutiques, I work alongside my children. They really are the Why  behind the reason we do the business, and it’s not just to increase our family time. I use my small Lilla Rose business to teach my children hands on practical business skills as part of our homeschooling program. We also use our business to fundraise for waiting children with Down syndrome. (and we currently have a fundraiser Lilla Rose Style Boutique open for that!).  It also allows me to continue to stay home, and to look to the future. I want to be available to my children as they begin their own families, or to help them as they need it. I also want to do short term missions and to travel. So, building the business now is for our family and for my marriage! It is for our future, and planning for it begins now! “

That being said, I do a lot of our business online. The children aren’t really part of that side of the business. I blog on Sassy Direct, on LoveLeavingLegacy, and manage social media business building. I supervise a growing team of Lilla Rose Stylists.

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