Three Tools We Use For Stronger, Healthier Hair

I’ve alluded before, especially in my Lilla Rose video, that our family has had various not so pretty hair issues in the past. In a live Zoom interview that I did recently with Kristie McCollum, from both the CEO Mom blog, and the Mom Life Chronicles blog, I shared one of those issues with her regarding my youngest daughter, A-Grape.

When she was 3-5 years old, A-Grape was trying to stop sucking her thumb, and in order to self soothe while sleeping, and never in the day time, she would twirl her hair with her fingers and break it off in large chunks. We were trying everything we could think of to help redirect her sensory issues away from her hair, and employed such ideas as a sensory texture blanket, sleeping in a hat, or wearing socks on her hands that went up to her shoulders so we could pin them to her pj’s. But, if she wanted or needed to twirl her hair, she managed to find a way. She reached a point where there were large chunks of hair on her pillow in the morning, and she had multiple bald spots on her head that we were trying to cover over.

Her regrowth of hair was very fragile hair. When we used elastics or clips with bows, the hair would easily be broken off as if it had been strangled, recreating bald spots. Her hair brush was pulling large chunks of the hair she’d begun to twirl, and my guess is weakening the follicles. We were keeping her hair short as we waited for new hair to grow, and our wonderful hair stylist offered some tips and tools for healthier hair, and to help us prevent further damage.

One of the tools he suggested was to begin using a Wet brush to gently remove tangles. This tool turned out to be a lifesaver for more than one of us with our other hair struggles, as it is for all hair types! The Wet brush glides through the hair as it detangles without pulling out a lot of hair with each stroke. It also works well for those with hair extensions and wigs.

Original Wet Brush (contains an affiliate link)

Another tool was to use It’s a Ten detangler spray after washing A-Grape’s hair. We use the spray with keratin in it. A-Grapes hair began to get stronger and grow stronger since we weren’t yanking it out from snarls and tangles! And for the other girls who were having a hard time managing their waist long thick hair, this was a lifesaver for them as well. No more rats’ nests in their hair! No more arguments about keeping their hair combed and neat was a definite plus for our relationships!

It’s a 10 with Keratin (contains an affiliate link)

And, of course, our third tool was the amazing Lilla Rose flexi clip. A-Grape was using a mini when we first started using flexi clips to pull back that small amount of hair that would cover over her bald spots, but the most amazing thing was that, unlike with elastics, when we took the clip out, no hair was pulled out or lost. The pin slides out of the figure 8 part of the clip, and literally just pops off hair with no damage.

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We had to gently twist A-Grape’s hair back in July/August of 2013 in order to hide a bald spot and she only had enough hair to gather into a mini clip.

As her hair has grown back, now long and healthy, she uses an extra small for a pony tail, but even those are getting too small for her! She uses a medium for a round braided bun, or she uses u-pins to secure her hair.

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How amazing is it that at her last hair trim we opted to have several inches cut off the bottom just to keep her long hair looking healthy after such a struggle to get her hair healthy again!

Half UpKnot

We have since learned during a training on natural hair by a Sister Locs Stylist that Lilla Rose products are also ideal for those with natural hair. Hair damage is minimized, and because Lilla Rose has flexi clips in extra large and mega sizes, those with Locs or braids are served well by those sizes without worry of damage.


Shared by Cathy Thomas, Sister Locs Stylist.

I mentioned a live interview on Zoom with Kristie McCollum of The Mom Life Chronicles. I sent her several clips in sizes mini to large, as well as a hair band and u-pins to try out. She likes the color pink, so I sent her some pink things, as well as items that pick up different colors, and some classic pearls styles! She is doing a review and giveaway here for Lilla Rose/LoveLeavingLegacy. My readers, followers, customers, family, and friends are welcome and encouraged to enter, unless they are also Lilla Rose Stylists. Those lovely ladies understand that they cannot enter the giveaway. But, YOU could win the Daisy Freestyle dangle in an extra small!

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