Jewelry for Your Hair: Ways to Wear Bobby Pins

A common question about the Lilla Rose bobby pins is “Yes, but how do they hold?” The answer is, they hold great! They are perfect for baby whispy hair, fine hair, coarse hair, thinner hair, thick hair, long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair. They hold hair far better than the grocery store variety of bendable, breakable bobby pins.

WhispyBaby HairFIner shorter hair

In braids

buns and braided bunsthicker straight hair

bobby pins 2

thicker curly hair





Before and After Sleeping

bobby pins 3

Criss cross half up variation

There you have it. Lilla Rose bobby pins do, in fact, work in all hair types, lengths, and styles. They aren’t only functional, but beautiful too!

The Half Up Knot tutorial is similar to the one I posted last week, only using bobby pins instead of a flexi clip.

Half up knot with bobbies


By the way, it’s National Jewelry Day. 

National Jewelry Day

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Details are coming soon! 

Edited to add: Giveaway has ended.

This is going to be exciting!