A Peek Into How We Store Our Lilla Rose

The first weeks of January seem to be when most of us organize our piles, our closets, our papers, and more after taking down Christmas. Moms have purged toys and household goods the week after Christmas in time to get year end tax deductions for donations of goods to charity. We all know tax time is looming, and we want our financial stuff in order.

January 9th was National Clean Off Your Desk Day. I don’t have a desk, but I do re-organize my bins and bags of my Lilla Rose supplies or paperwork for all of the above reasons: organization and tax time is looming. I have customers to serve, and shows to apply for in the new year. I need to know where my business supplies are!


In honor of National Clean Off Your Desk Day, we straightened up our Lilla Rose stashes instead, and did a FB Live demonstration.

I found I had to organize my Lilla Rose personal stash! My snap shut plastic bins were filled to overflowing and would no longer shut. There is no purging Lilla Rose products, of course! My daughters, too, have begun to misplace their clips, hair sticks, u-pins, bobby pins, and hairbands.

Lady L, my 15 year old daughter, received her third beautiful large wood jewelry box for Christmas, and has no room in her room for another large item on her dresser. I absconded with it, and now it stores my Lilla Rose! My minis, bobby pins, and extra smalls go on the top, hair bands go on necklace hooks on one side, and dangles and my braided 8 go on the other. In two drawers, I have my small flexis, and my mediums are in the bottom drawer. I keep my hair sticks and u-pins in a beautiful Lilla Rose zipper pouch that I was gifted by Lilla Rose at convention two years ago. I have a little bit of room to add more clips, but for now, this is a good solution.

Deb 1

Deb 4

Deb 2

Deb 3


In exchange for her jewelry box, I am buying Lady L a small wall mirror for over her dresser that matches her new turquoise theme and night stand. She is using an acrylic drawer set like this (affiliate link) that matches her make-up storage sets so her clips remain handy and with her own system. Her twenty-five clips and accessories, including her two extra-large flexis, with room to add, fit nicely, in the thin, wide drawers shown below.

Daughter #2, Miss-y E, also received another jewelry box for Christmas. Her box is three drawers, so it is easy to sort her items according to size and product. Now she has one jewelry box for her jewelry, and one for her clips, and she can keep both on the dresser she shares with her younger sister.

El 1

El 2


Daughter #3, A-Grape, uses the smallest sizes clips, so for now, she keeps her clips in my bathroom in a drawer in her plastic bin, sorted according to size. This way, I can help her keep track of her personal inventory and teach organizational skills in the process.

Anna 2

That is how we store our Lilla Rose flexi clips and hair accessories!

How do you or would you store yours? We’d love to see or hear in the comments below.

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