Holiday Plans, Wardrobes, and Photos

Are your holiday plans and outfits coming together? It’s almost time to mail cards and photos to loved ones! This is one holiday tradition for which I adore being being on the receiving end! I love getting photo cards of our family and friends.

I missed sending cards last year, although they were ordered and even in our home! I just ran out of time with some unexpected travel in November,  and some health issues with children, complete with a couple of ER or urgent care runs. While visiting with friends at a large family gathering this summer, I had several loved ones register formal complaints that they missed hearing from our family. I hope not to disappoint again this year!  I should probably get planning, ordering photos, and writing our letter!

I also think sending cards is a tradition that creates some valued memories for families, and documents seasons in families’ lives.

A favorite memory of one family photo session we did was one outside on a red couch, and then out on railroad tracks. We were being really silly and it ended up being so fun during a rough season for our family. It was a happy bonding moment!


best-photo-memory-ever-2013Another memory is of when our first daughter was three months old. Her three older brothers were in a phase of acting like they were always chasing squirrels, and their behavior was unreliable being that they were all seven years and under. I was especially organized on the photo day that year. The boys were neatly dressed, hair combed, shoes on, and buckled into the van. Alone, the feat of buckling all the kids in the van and loading all the belongings took fifteen minutes. I had Lady L’s outfit on a hanger with a plastic bag over it to protect it, and her first black patent leather shoes, ruffle socks, and soft pink bow hair band were in her diaper bag. We even arrived to the photo session twenty minutes early so I could nurse and dress the baby with time to spare.

As I went to dress the baby, the boys were distracting and being…er…naughty. I couldn’t find the cute little black velour legging pants that went under the denim ruffle tunic. I was getting stressed and panicked as the photographer was now calling our turn. I had been organized and early! How could this happen??

I packed every one up, we retraced our steps looking for where we could have dropped the leggings, and we went back to the van. No velour legging pants. I had a dilemma. Go ahead and take the photo because three out of four fully dressed children is good, only needing to retuck their shirts back in is easy, and we were there.

We were there! On time! Early! Organized!

I didn’t want adequate.

I wanted excellent.

This was my baby girl’s first Christmas! Of course the photo had to be perfect!

I rescheduled the photo shoot and took the kids home for lunch and a nap. I cried the whole way home.

As I walked into our kitchen to make lunch, there, lying on the kitchen floor were the black velour legging pants, sized for 3 month olds.

Later that afternoon, we returned to the Sears photo studio for some really sweet pictures of the pink rosebud and her three cowlicky, but admiring brothers.

I have to admit that it is really fun to look back at a difficult season of adjustment, and see how far we’ve come since then. I wouldn’t trade a moment of the parenting journey.

So what are you doing for the upcoming holidays? Do you take family photos? Do you wear matching outfits and send photo cards to all your friends and family? Do you send a favorite moment from the year?

Do share with your family and friends, however you decide to do it.

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Have a blessed Thanksgiving, friends.

With thankfulness and gratitude,