Memories of Grandpa G.

I celebrated a fun, albeit bittersweet moment with my youngest daughter, A-Grape this week. It’s bittersweet as this is the last time I’ll celebrate this “first” for one of our children. These “lasts” seem to be coming in faster frequency lately.

For several days, her tooth was very loose. I was sure she would lose it any moment. She, however, was determined to keep it as long as possible. The other morning it was flopping sideways and turning backwards. I had an errand to run, and I didn’t want to miss her first and my last first tooth loss. I had her wiggle and turn so she could pull the tooth herself, to no avail.

Memories of Grandpa G 2

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…

After many minutes of waiting for the tooth to come out, I suggested she let me work on it a bit. She was having quite a bit of anxiety that it would hurt, and she was pulling away from me. It was so loose that I truly began to be afraid she would swallow it while I was out running errands.

As I gave the tooth a last tug, and as I comforted her when she realized it had come out, I had a flashback memory of my great grandfather, Grandpa G.

Grandpa G 3

Grandpa G.

Grandpa G.’s father had been a dentist, and Grandpa G. had quite a lot of experience in gentle tooth pulling. When I was a little girl with loose teeth, my Dad would drive two hours north to visit Grandpa and Nana on a Sunday afternoon for a “loose tooth assessment.” If it was loose enough, Grandpa G. would pull it without my even knowing he had done so. If it wasn’t loose enough, he’d suggest we make another trip back to see him soon. We’d eat Snow’s New England Clam Chowder and Ritz crackers with peanut butter before heading back home.

These happy memories make me so thankful, and while I pulled A-Grape’s tooth, I shared them with her. I’m not sure the stories comforted her as much as they gave me joy.

Memories of Grandpa G

Sporting the “Gap.”

Regardless, A-Grape lost her first tooth, and now she sports her “gap” with great pride.

I love being a Mom and celebrating these smallest of joys!

Have a blessed new week!

Don’t forget to celebrate small joys and make memories!


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