I Got Dressed and Instagram

I’m participating in the ‪#‎WeGetDressed‬ campaign on with Chrystal Evans Hurst on Instagram.

In her blog post, Chrystal wrote “…there is something Biblically important about God’s children reflecting God’s glory and His beauty with the abilities, resources, and time that we have.”

That is right in line with what Dr. P and I are trying to teach our children daily, not just in Sunday morning church time.

Here is what I had for appointment day today as

a wife,

a stay at home, homeschooling Mama to six because HomeschoolingMomsRock‬,

and work at home Lilla Rose independent consultant and etsy store owner as an Entrepreneur Gonna Be.


#Rocking HomeschoolMom


Lilla Rose Independent Consultant’s never leave home without their Lilla Rose. Hair sticks are in the twist, flexi clips are on the scarf.



Instagram followers welcome.

“Instagram? You?”
Yes. I know–it seemed unlikely. It surprised me too, but I ventured into the social media world of Instagram. I’m told all the cool girls do. I now also speak, write, and post in #hashtags.