Featured Adoption Family (ies) Fundraisers: Orphan’s Treasures Auction and More

Orphans Treasures Auction

It contains a handmade by LoveLeavingLegacy thread crochet scarf, an extra small Lovely Circle Stoneset Lilla Rose flexi as a scarf clip (more info included), and Bath and Body Works body wash, lotion, spray, and candle. The scarf is lime green lace thread,100% cotton, and measures ~3.5×50 inches.
Retail value for the gift box/basket is $50.
The set currently has a bid for $25.
Please head over to the auction, follow bidding instructions, and help three children get to their forever families.
There are about 375 items, besides this one, on which to bid.
You’ll find household items, homeschool books, clothing, art work, and a really cool cuckoo clock.
There is also a Giveaway associated with this auction. Donate to one or all of the families to be entered. Follow the directions on the Orphan’s Treasures Auction blog.
Here is who this benefits:
Harper for the Nalle Family






In addition, there is a Lilla Rose fundraiser for the Nalle family.
Lilla Rose--Jewelry for Your Hair

Lilla Rose–Jewelry for Your Hair and More!


Harper's Flair for Hair Adoption Fundraiser http://www.lillarose.biz/parties/8523

Harper’s Flair for Hair Adoption Fundraiser

Shop through this link for your purchase to be applied to the fundraiser.

These fundraisers end by 2/14/15.

Finally, Hidden Treasures Creations is having a goat milk soap fundraiser. 35% of their profits are being given to the Nalle family. Soap bars are $3-$5 each, depending on size. There are several different scents, and you could also custom order what scent YOU want. Lavender, vanilla, cedarwood, holiday, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and rose are some of the available choices. Email Haylee and Naomi at Hidden Treasures Creations for more information.
Blessings on your week.